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What benefits are available when you join Jersey County Business Association?

JCBA is a non-profit service and action organization for business.  It provides a venue through which people can take effective action for the progress of their community.  JCBA is a voluntary organization of business people who are investing time and money in a community development program – working together to improve the economic, civic and cultural well-being of the area.

When you make the decision to join, you make an investment in both your business and your business community.  Becoming a member of JCBA gives you an opportunity to make valuable business contacts.   Working through committees and attending social functions.  Attendance at JCBA sponsored events is one way of meeting new people and sharing ideas, concerns, and of course letting the community know who you are and what services and products you offer.

New members are published in The Business News each month and all members who renew their commitment to the community through their JCBA membership are listed monthly, too.

New members may call the JCBA office for assistance with Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies, information regarding our Program of Work, Jersey County Leadership in Action, Business After Hours, Gift Certificate Program, Member to Member Program and other networking opportunities.

The JCBA office handles various calls each year inquiring about businesses, services, and products available in Jersey County. JCBA’s policy is to refer all requests to members.

JCBA purchases all supplies, services, and products from JCBA members.

JCBA provides a variety of promotional opportunities for members. The Business News is published 12 times each year and reaches over 300 business people. Event sponsorships are another opportunity for promotion, reaching not only members, but in some cases, non-members as well.

We look forward to meeting you and the opportunity to partner with you for a progressive and prosperous community. 

The 19 Benefits of joining the Jersey County Business Association

1.    New Business Contacts & Networking

2.    Member Referral Service

3.    Free Web-Site Listing

4.    Link to Business Web-Site

5.    JCBA member List

6.    Invitations to All JCBA Events

7.    Visitors/Move-In/New Business Packets

8.    Exclusive Promotional Opportunities

9.    Participate in the JCBA Gift Certificate Program

10. Business After Hours (Host)

11. Business After Hours (Attendee)

12. Community Involvement

13. Staffed, Full-Time Office

14. Participate in the JCBA Committee Structure

15. JCBA Newsletter Subscription

16. Friday Morning Memo

17. Legislative Updates

18. Participate In Informational Networking Employer/Employee Luncheons

19. Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting

Membership Benefit Definitions

New Business Contacts & Networking

  • Develop relationships with other members through numerous JCBA events.

Member Referral Service

  • JCBA receives several phone calls and e-mails daily asking about various services/businesses in the area.  If possible, we refer only JCBA members to these customers.

Web-Site Listing

  • As a JCBA member, your business is listed in our web-site business directory available to all who search the JCBA Web-Site (  Our web-site averages 121 visitors a day.

Link to Business Web-Site

  • A link from the JCBA web-site to your business web-site.

JCBA member list

  • A list of our members is available to you at no charge.  You can receive in list form or in mailing labels for marketing, etc.

Invitations to all JCBA events

  • Receive periodic reminders of upcoming JCBA events.

Visitors/Move-In/New Business Packets

  • In every packet mailed from the JCBA office, we enclose a copy of our Membership Directory.  Your business and name is included in each packet that is mailed.

Business After Hours (Host)

  • Host a monthly networking event that brings 70 to 120 people together and gives you the opportunity to advertise your business and its products through promotional items and brochures.  The JCBA office assists in publicizing the event.

Business After Hours (attendee)

  • Interact with 70 to 120 other JCBA members while enjoying a night which includes a 50/50 drawing, as well as great food and drink.

Community Involvement

  • Send communication (flyer, letter, etc.) advertising your business using the JCBA bulk mailing permit.  The use of the bulk permit stamp is free.  However, contact us about the mailing charge and procedure.

Staffed, Full-Time office

  • The JCBA office is open during regular business hours, offering advice and answers to members, newcomers, residents, and visitors alike.  JCBA has a full-time CEO and Administrative Assistant that is available to answer the many community questions and business related inquiries.

JCBA Newsletter Subscription

  • A monthly publication allowing members the opportunity to advertise their business as well as find out what’s happening within the JCBA and business community.

Friday Morning Memo

  • A weekly e-mail spotlighting your business by submitting information to tell us about a special event, a new product or anything you feel members should know about your business.

Legislative Updates

  • Receive updates on the current legislative issues affecting your business.

Participate in the JCBA Gift Certificate Program

  • By being a JCBA member you can participate in the JCBA Gift Certificate Program.  It means that these gifts certificates can only be spent in JCBA member businesses.  Each year, approximately $20,000 worth of gift certificates are purchased from the JCBA office.  As a redeemer of the certificate, you not only have a business advantage over non-member businesses, but you encourage people to spend their money locally.

Participate in Informational Networking Employer/Employee Luncheons

  • JCBA hosts informational business luncheons periodically throughout the year. These events also allow members an additional networking opportunity.

Participate in the JCBA Committee Structure

  • Get involved in one or more of the JCBA committees and assist the organization in continuing to improve the economic climate of Jersey County.  Contact the office for more information about the committees.

Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting

  • A way to publicize your new business and location through a ceremony which involves city officials, local newspapers and fellow JCBA members.  Also publication through our official monthly newsletter, and Business News.

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